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Record Artwork

The artwork on your record gives an immense first impression of your music, before it is even heard. With this in mind, we take great efforts to help you have the labels and sleeve artwork you want and present the image of your band, act, or group to the world. With vinyl in particular, the larger sleeve gives scope for innovative and eye catching art that can make the difference between your music being heard on a radio station or by a talent scout, and be left gathering dust in a pile.

All our printing and artwork is of the highest quality, and we will always check it with yourself before commencing full production. If you wish to supply your own artwork, we can also assist by supplying template frames in which your artwork will sit on the finished product. This is especially important for the record label, where it is a highly constricted area.

UK 7 INCH Template

USA 7 INCH Template

10 INCH And 12 INCH Template

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Vinyl's sliding out of printed sleeves, jazz Music on the cover