Sprint Records Ltd
Creating great sound since 1983

Are you looking to turn your music recordings into physical records?
Do you long to see your work in vinyl, perhaps for the first time?

At Sprint Records Ltd, we will take care of every step of the process, making sure that your record production runs smoothly and successfully, creating market-ready records, complete with printed labels, sleeves, and of course, perfectly mastered recording.

If you are looking for a place to complete your vinyl pressing in West London, come to Sprint Records in Park Royal.

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How it works for you

At Sprint Records Ltd, we will look after all your record manufacture and printing, and make sure you get the records you want, ready for sale. All you need to do is send in your digital WAV files, and artwork, and we will take care of the rest. We will even design your record label and sleeves if you wish, enabling you to get your sound out there, looking professional, and bringing your music to your fans and the airwaves.

While we began producing reggae and dub music, we now carry out vinyl pressing in West London for a wide range of genres, for musicians and artists from all walks of life.

Record Services 




record production process

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Send us your sound   

Send us a master copy of your music recording in a WAV file. If you have it in another format we can help you convert it.

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Upload artwork   

Send us your artwork in print quality format, and we can then arrange it for record labels and sleeves. 

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Send a track list   

Send the list of the tracks in the order they occur in the recording. Please be mindful to have this correct as this is your responsibility!


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Test production  

We will then take care of the initial production, creating master discs, and lacquers before creating a test disc for you to sample.

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Record manufacture  

Once you are happy with the quality of the press test, we will then commence full production and vinyl pressing in West London.

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Your consignment of records will then be shipped to you via courier, or you can collect if you prefer. The whole production and delivery procedure takes between 12-15 weeks from beginning to end.






Why Come To Sprint Records Ltd?

Personalised service

Whether you need extra assistance with artwork and getting it print ready, or are producing an independent record for the first time, and want help with organising track listings and converting files

Family-run business

Sprint Records was established by Sam in 1983, and is now run by his daughter Sally, who has kept the family business running, and serving the music community.

40 years of experience

With our four decades of experience, vinyl pressing in West London, you can count on us to produce your records to an exceptionally high quality, with a fully professional service.

British company

Every part of the production is carried out in the UK, reducing shipping times, minimising impact on the environment and ensuring an ethical and sustainable record production process throughout.




Great quality and a friendly service

We always make sure the quality of your sound recording on our records is second-to-none. Furthermore, we look after you if you are uncertain of the process, helping you avoid any pitfalls of record production.

If you are looking for someone to complete vinyl pressing in West London, contact us today.

Our History 

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Our location:

Sprint Records Ltd,
Unit 21, Park Royal Metro Centre,
Britannia Way, London, NW10 7PA.

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