A Rich History Of Record Production

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Sprint Records Ltd was established in the early 1980s by Sam.

He saw an opportunity in the market when many up-and-coming reggae artists in London were unable to find record contracts with established labels despite proven popularity. With this in mind, he created a record factory in West London, initially serving reggae artists in the area, before diversifying to serve many different genres and groups in London and globally too.

Stack of vinyl records on trolley in factory



100s of Vinyl in boxes in store with signs made of vinyl disks saying Reggae-dub, electric and Rock

Operating out of Park Royal for 40 years

We now serve musicians and artists across London and internationally, helping them to generate records for distribution to music shops and other outlets. Many of our clients have been coming back to us for decades, and we are a pillar of the North West London music community, helping artists become recognised and popularised. As a record factory in West London, we always provide a personalised service, making sure you get the record and art that you need to promote your music.

Sprint Records upholds its legacy of service to the community and continues to shine as a beacon in the music industry for people looking to get their sounds out there on the world stage. Our record factory in West London caters to a wide range of different artists and genres.



Your Record Making Process

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Send us your sound   

Send us the original recording studio copy of your music in a WAV file. We can also assist you in converting it if it is in another file type.

Send Us Your Sound

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Upload artwork   

When you send artwork, we will help make sure it works as a record label, or as a sleeve, so your music brand comes across professionally. 

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Send a track list   

As track lists often change and rearrange, please be sure the track list you send us matches the recording before we commence pressing and printing.


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Test production  

We shall produce a test disc for you to sample for quality and sound, and one you are happy with it we will roll forwards with full production.

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Record manufacture  

A typical run of 500 records takes only a few days to press, but around 12 weeks to organise and quality check.

Vinyl sticking out of sleeve with sunset artwork


We also take care of all printing at our record factory in West London, so you can have sleeves and labels printed with your own artwork. 



Boxes on property doorstep



We will then ship your records to your address, or you can collect if you prefer. We can also ship internationally if required.