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Pressing records for a wide range of musical genres

We take care of the whole process around record manufacturing, including printing and quality testing. Whether it is your first time or a well-established artist, we will look after you, and make sure you avoid any pitfalls of record making. We are specialists in record production in West London, with 40 years of experience under our belts, and a professional, yet amenable approach to pressing records, and helping you to get quality material into the public domain.



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 Making it easy for you

We are here to make it straightforward and simple. To get started just upload your music recording in a WAV file, and we shall do the rest. We will convert that file into a physical vinyl record, and once you are happy with the first press, we will then commence full production on your behalf.

Alongside our record production in West London, we offer a complete printing service for record labels and sleeve covers, and have designers and artists on hand if you need artwork for your album cover or record label. If you need your vinyl in a different colour, or require dub plates, we are also happy to help, and have all the experience and equipment necessary to complete the run to a high standard. 






We use a trusted courier service to ship our products around the UK and the globe. Price of shipping depends on location and the size of the consignment. We've shipped to the USA, France, Germany, Switzerland and Africa, and we can ship worldwide.

You can also pick up your records directly from our printing warehouse in London:

Sprint Records Ltd, Unit 21, Park Royal Metro Centre, Britannia Way, London, NW10 7PA.






How to upload your album and artwork:

You can click here to open our contact form and fill in your details and use the upload button to send a WAV file of your music to us. We will of course be back in touch to confirm every aspect of your production.

If you need to upload artwork, you can follow the same process. Many artists are caught out by the dimensions and shape of the label especially, so you can download the print templates here, to ensure your label works within the boundaries it can be placed in.

UK 7 Inch Template

USA 7 Inch Template

10 Inch and 12 Inch Template

  Send Us Your Artwork  


Vinyl coming out of sleeves showcasing band artwork